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Oral steroid Andriol 40mg capsule – cheap price oral bulking steroid Andriol 40mg capsule is the safest anabolic oral steroid. It is one of the best products by the Organon Pharma. Andriol contains Testosterone Undecanoate which is available as 40mg soft gel capsule forms. Oral Andriol tablet is free from aromatization, it never accumulates fluid and never shows gynecomastia effect. It is non-toxic to the human liver. Oral Andriol tablet is a powerful bulking agent.

Oral steroid Andriol 40mg capsule enhance testosterone hormone production.

Andriol tablet is a popular and suitable drug for steroid beginners and woman athletes. It enhances red blood cell production. Andriol enhances the metabolic rate, which helps to improve the performance level. It remains viable for 8-10 hours, so it recommends a daily basis. The normal dose of oral Andriol is only 4-6 tablets daily. You can easily collect this wonderful oral steroid from Bodyflexsteroids. Online shop Bodyflexsteroids is a popular online source to get authentic products. You can order healthy and genuine products with a discount from Bodyflexsteroids.